july 6th, 2023

No one cares about you. No one cares what you look like. No one cares about what you have to say. No one cares how you think. You’ll be lucky if your family or close friends truly care about your life, because we all have our own to live. Who does care about how you look, what you say, and how you think, is the greater culture we live inside. Cultural and societal rules determine what is and isn’t acceptable, and as long as you fall within those parameters no one will care. And for good reason, there are many things outlawed in our world for good moral reasons. 

What is fascinating about American culture today is how many things are becoming normalized, and what behaviour is becoming more acceptable. We as people want other people to care about us. This feature of the human system is innate, we want to feel understood, looked after, cared for. This is normal. What isn’t normal is violating the social rules to gain attention. No one who is mentally stable would go out and crash their car or commit a homicide to gain attention (but I think that those who are mentally unstable potentially could). Yet bending and breaking social norms is just as likely to gain you attention. We see this often nowadays, to the point that there are those who conservatively hold true to the social norms, and those who liberally break them at every chance. 

Do breaking those norms prove that those people don’t give a fuck? Or do they give a fuck so much that they are purposely breaking them? Do they want everyone to know they are breaking those social norms? I believe a sane person would partly hide their rebellious activity to avoid the ridicule and perception change, because whether you hide it or wear it on your face, the of breaking social norms will be judged by those who don’t break them. 

In a lot of ways the breaking of social norms is kinda dope, in that it changes peoples’ perspectives about what is acceptable within our society. Morals should be the only thing that determines socially acceptable behaviour; everything that doesn’t lie outside of the general moral sphere should be accepted. However, when it comes to certain topics, morals amongst the general population will vary, but I’m not trying to talk politics. 

No one cares if you’re normal. But today, no one cares if you’re different, because more than likely, that different is someone else’s normal. Don’t care about what others think, say, or do, because it is likely they don’t care about your things either. Live your life, be happy, don’t hurt people, and follow your morals. 

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